Paani Poori Lips

Occasionally I visit the Tamilian side of London (read East Ham) for things like Vazhathandu or Keerai. Ok I am kidding, I have no interest in either but P whips out some delicious dishes out of these and so I play along. Anyway there are few things that we do when we visit East Ham. Like having a meal at Saravana Bhavan. I would stuff myself with a chilli parota even if I had just polished off my lunch. Why waste an opportunity? The other is checking out the CD collection. Since we do not watch any Tamil channels here I have no idea about the latest songs and I buy random CDs titled- Latest 2016 collection. Every time, literally, I find that there is only a song or sometimes two which are good in the whole collection. Since it costs a pound and so I don't mind this otherwise Pagal Kollai. However some songs start to grow on you. Like this one- Mutham kudutha Maayakari from the movie Trisha Illana.. I had no clue which movie this song belonged to nor who the actors were. The lyrics were easy and the tune was catchy. Soon Z caught on and started singing alongside. One thing I love is to hear is him singing Tamil/ Hindi songs. He refuses to speak these languages and so when he instead sings, I am happy. Anyway we have been listening to this song for weeks now and last evening Z asks me, can we watch the video of this song please? I was like, of course that will be fun. And we watched it. To say I was shocked is an understatement. The video was so crude and distasteful that I quickly shut it up. I wonder how these songs are approved for public consumption? Disgusting is the word. Just watch it and you will understand.
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