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I wonder about these airport looks. Most of them are no doubt great and I am convinced the celebrities change into these clothes just before landing. But the photographs? Probably a brigade of photographers outside the Mumbai and Delhi airport on duty all day long. Uff.

The winter is in full swing and apparently the area I reside will be the coldest in the country this week. After 6 years in this country, I have finally adapted to this weather. It is tiring, changes almost everyday but then there is always the element of surprise. Not like Chennai where everyone begins the conversation with 'iniki konjam jaasti veyil la?'. Like every person settled outside the country, I dream of those sweaty days in Chennai and regret it the minute I land there. well, soon very soon.

On other things, I feel I have gotten better at squash, finally after an year of playing. It is amazing what a sport can do to your confidence levels and spirit. Now that we have moved to our new place, it takes me 30 minutes to get to the club. I tend to be lazy but what pushes me is the feeling of euphoria after a game, without fail. Some people I play with are over 60 and in the beginning I wondered about their motivational factors taking into account knee aches and all. But now I get it. Not sure if I will be doing the same when I am 60 (if I do live that long) but hope I am able to give younger folks a good run if I do!

More later, ciao!

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