Abhi Raat Baaki Hai

Currently we are homeless. In fact, we own a property but cannot move into to it yet. So stayed as a friend's place for few days and then moved into a hotel yesterday since the friend's place was too far from Z's nursery.

To say I am tired is an understatement. I lose my temper quicker than it takes for you to utter the word 'flooring'. Working full time and managing to get work done in a property is hard work. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, P loves working on such challenging projects. It is the norm here and he has adapted himself to the 'DIY' culture very well. To me, it is just too much to take in. Thankfully, some of his enthusiasm has managed to rub on to me. And Z's enthusiasm as well. The whole of last afternoon was spent in steaming off wallpapers in our new house, pulling off the wallpaper and scraping the paint underneath. And we did it without music or any factor to entertain us except for our own voices. And it felt wonderful. My arms were sore when I finally hit the lovely bed in the Travel Lodge last night. But I felt happy.

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