Would Sandy work?

We are moving to a different part of the city. The change is big and for people who know me well, I am not a big lover of change. I like things to stay a certain way. Anyway that is a story for another day. Right now, while we have narrowed down on a nice apartment and other stuff, the thing which is worrying me is Z's nursery. He has been going to one since he was 7 months old and obviously is well settled there. So I wanted to make sure the new nursery fits the bill in all ways. This one does, clean toys, nice airy bright rooms and it is almost new, so everything looks sparkling. The only concern I have is, they have men take care of kids as well. When we went into the garden during our visit yesterday, I saw 2 men with the kids. Naturally I thought they were parents, waiting to pick up their kids. But then I noticed they did not leave. I quietly asked the lady who was showing us around who the 2 adults in the garden were. She introduced them as so and so who are her colleagues. Frankly, I was not happy. We visited couple of more nurseries, but this was the one I liked. But I just could not oversee this issue, if you can call it one. I mean, how did this nursery decide to have men as full time care takers. For the uninitiated, I am a big fan of gender equality. But I did feel like Ross when Rachel wants to hire the male nanny. I am not able to pinpoint the reason, but just feel uncomfortable.

I wish I could get a different perspective on this. Please drop a line to tell me what you think. I am really confused.

p.s- for people wondering who Sandy is, he is the male nanny who comes to take care of Emma in one of the FRIEND's episode.
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