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An end of the year post seems inevitable. Since I have not written anything for last few months [weeks?], I decided to just do that.

It is difficult to contain a 12-month long period in few sentences. Also, you keep thinking about things, incidents only to realise that it happened the previous year. I have read a lot this year. More than I have read in the last 6-7 years. As a teenager I used to read at least 5-6 books a week [I kid not]. Having the luxury of doing something close to that, even if it is 2-3 books a month is bliss. Amongst the ones I enjoyed the most if ‘The Goldfinch’, ‘Strange Weather in Tokyo’, ‘When we were orphans’, ‘Never let me go’, ‘69’ and ‘Chokher Bali’.

I took up paddling [on a dragon boat] and then decided to give it up temporarily. Got a personal trainer and am in the best shape since college. Getting my driving license has been the highlight of my year. I finally got it in my third attempt, but the examiner said it was flawless and I got away with one minor [that too for a show and tell question on where the rear fog lights switch was]. Getting over my fear of being on the road has made me very happy. I am not sure I have written about the time I crashed the car into a guy in a bike few years ago in Chennai. Well, that could take a whole post so shall save it for later.

Work-wise there has not been much of a change though I am working on more challenging projects now. Which is good. I do feel I should not get stuck like I was at my previous law firm. You get too comfortable and then lose focus.

Z of course keeps me occupied and amused all the time. His sentences seem to get longer by the hour and the rate at which he is developing his skills is breath-taking. It is truly a blessing to watch your child grow. No wonder people want to go through the experience again and again.

P had his leg surgery and moved jobs which worked out for the best. Things were a bit rough in between but I think we will sail past it.

My mom has moved to her own beautiful house in a new city. She has had more than her share of challenges in life and I hope she is able to enjoy the years to come. As an adult, you keep going back to the question of ‘how did my parents deal with this’ and the way my mom has managed our life as a single mother truly amazes me. My sister has a major part to play in this which is more incredible because some of the difficult situations she handled were when she was barely 19.

I have volunteered to work with an aged person this year and hope it will help me and the person involved. It’s something I have been yearning to do and am glad this country offers excellent options to do what you want.

I hope all of you have a great new year. Also, please stop lurking and drop in with your comments 


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