What does a person look forward to, I wonder. I mean in a normal day following a normal routine. For me, it can be seeing Z smile, my cup of coffee, an empty seat in the tube, an interesting portion in the book I am reading, cheerful colleagues at work, good lunch and so on.
I wonder how these would change as one grows older. When I was younger, the sight of my latest crush used to make it a nice day or even the absence of a dreaded teacher at school. It was actually a lot of things, a lot more than what it is now. So my question is, does the list dwindle to a bare minimum as you get older. I remember this aunt of mine complaining for almost quarter of an hour because she did not get her morning coffee the way she wanted it, that morning. When I heard this years ago, I thought she was being extremely fussy. But now that my perspective has changed a lot, mostly due to age and experience, I wonder if I should give her complaint a little more thought. Maybe that was the best part of her morning or maybe day. And when something disrupts such a cherished thing, it is bound to be upsetting.
A relative recently turned 100 [bless her] and the affair was celebrated with great gusto. This made me wonder, what would be the thing one would look forward to at that point? Any answers?


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