Hiromi Kawakami's Stranger Weather in Tokyo is such a beautiful book that I felt like reading it all over again as soon as I completed reading it. One of the best written books which reaches out to you in multiple ways.

The Goldfinch was a good read as well. the only issue was the copy itself. I prefer to read the physical book rather than kindle or e-books. And the only copy I foud in the library was the hard bound one. So to carry it around for weeks [it is a long novel] was difficult but the story was gripping and kept me hooked on.

I bought few of Tagore's books off flipcart while in India. When I was a kid, I remember reading them in my aunt's place in Calcutta and wanted to own the books badly. Finally had my wish fulfilled this time. Re-read some of the classic short stories last week and they overwhelmed me a always.

And yes, I was in India for the last 3 weeks. Met with some people. Things have changed for sure. In my head and around me. Stayed in my childhood place for the last time. Had panic attacks in the nights knowing I would never live there again. Kept consoling myself saying home is where the heart is.
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