The last couple of years have been emotionally and physically challenging, to say the least. You might have understood that with the lack of posts from me. Not that I was very regular earlier but I used to post something once in two weeks atleast on one of my blogs [I have couple of private blogs, one for my niece and one for my baby and I have decided it will be for their eyes alone]. The only time I get now is when I am done with my work, dinner and Z is tucked in. It is about 20-30 mins of time. By this time I am thoroughly exhausted and invest my leisure time unwisely in front of the television. When I sometimes hear of people achieving great things inspite of full time jobs and babies, I wonder if they use such 20-30 mins in some kind of productive work as well. Must be a herculean task. I might be able to manage if I try harder. Sometimes I do get to that point but that is when my heart tells me I should be kind to myself. I am reading Kazuo Ishiguro these days. I finished Never Let Me Go and am almost done with The Remains of the Day and found it an enriching experience. I love the manner in which the author proceeds with his story. Do read them if you ever find the chance.


Nautankey said…
You get 20-30mins time!!.Will ask Z to take care of that :P. Will google and find this Kasi Isiguru
A said…
That is why we have Mr. P.

Looks like I inspired u to write! Now let us keep this up until we get back to old times.

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