I read this and this today morning and felt shocked and ashamed. I should not have been shocked, having lived in India for more than 2 decades. What caused the shock was such an open write-up. People always lace such horrifying experiences with stuff like warmth of the people, the beautiful landscape etc.. But this one was quite blatant. Still, I am ashamed of my countrymen [gender neutral] because I know what RoseChasm has written is true. While Twoseat says that RoseChasm has blamed the whole country for something few ugly people do or something that happens all around the world, I could understand why she felt differently. This might sound really blunt but twoseat has failed to understand something which is nothing but the ugly truth. People in India are obsessed with the white colour of the skin. Porn cds feature white women. White women are thought to yearn sexual pleasure. They are thought to have sex on their minds 24/7. This is the impression Indian men have. The media and movies are to blame for this primarily. Of course the centuries old mind-set of the people does not help. So if Twoseat says she did not face as much trouble as RoseChasm did, I can see why. But maybe I am wrong. I really wish I was wrong.
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