I started my Maternity leave yesterday and was really hoping the lil guy comes promptly on my first day off. But looks like he is quite cozy at Hotel Uterus.

I am seriously at a loss as to what I would do at home now. My mom has brought me my favourite books, but I am saving them for later. I need to visit the library but have no energy to do that right now. Of course there is a list of movies I want to watch. But somehow now I am not very enthusiastic about it. My attention span is getting shorter by day. Sleep is the only option left now that I move around like a baby hippo.

My sister has sent me this book called 'The Conscious Parent'. It is a book every parent/ would  be parent/ prospective parent should read. The author starts off by saying that we have an urge to make our offspring behave in the same way we do. Which is not right. Each human being should evolve at in its own course.

This makes so much sense. We feel proud when our offspring behaves like us, good / bad. More of a ego massage that a human is imitating us. But we do not realise that the human is better off developing its own behaviour pattern. Well, parenting is not a piece of cake :p

I hope to deliver before my next post. In the meantime, please pray that they don't deny me the epidural.



Nanda Hegde said…
waiting eagerly for your next post with the sweet news and eager to congratulate you.
songbird24 said…
Hope everything went well with your delivery if it has not already and hope both mother and baby are in great health!

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