London is all geared up for the Olympics and we are constantly being reminded o take care while travelling on the tubes and trains. They conducted a rehearsal with mock crowds yesterday and strangely enough I found the tube much less crowded than earlier. Whatever be it, the big bump is allowing me to find a seat irrespective of the crowd/ rush hour.

My bump is bigger than it normally should be at this stage of pregnancy, apparently. People look at my stomach as if they expect the baby to drop out any minute. But you know the most irritating thing, some people have to constantly tell you how big or how round or how high my bump is. There is this one female who has things to say about my bump every single day. And they are all things like oh my god, how big it is growing and that sort. Every single day. I mean come-on give me a break. She has, thus, been included in my hit-list and is quickly making her way to the top of the list.

I was watching the NDTV news last night and was shocked to see so many cases of incest and rape in India.  We always imagine that cases of a father raping his daughter happens only in western countries, but apparently that is not the case. It is just that in our country it gets reported less because of the sort of publicity and exposure the victim and the crime receive. We hide behind the term culture while it is nothing but a efficient tool to mask our dirty stories. How will we ever develop if we pretend to not understand what the real problem is? Like people always boast that divorce rates in India is very low compared to other countries.It is of no use priding ourselves on the fact that divorce is not an immediate option and that Indians work hard to keep their marriages alive. This is definitely not a fact. Divorce is not considered an option in the most abusive and ugly marriages only because of the shame involved in it. To move away from a marriage means you need to move away from the society and keep yourself hidden. And that is precisely the reason why people opt for it less frequently. The same with the rape victims. They know their lives are doomed once the incident becomes public and they would never be allowed to forget it or live normal lives again. They prefer to keep their depression private and recover from the pain themselves. But this is not how things should be right?

Sometimes I see a change. But it is painfully slow and I wonder if we would ever catch up with the rest of the world. The hope is that, atleast the future generation leaps towards a change instead of walking towards it.

In other news, P and I have purchased our very own Volkswagen this week. This is my first car and I am majorly thrilled about it. Shall post some pictures soon.

Later. Till then, take care!
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