I have been away for long. Too many things have been happening and I am still in the process of getting my life back in control. Nothing bad though. Although it did make me realize that it is tough when all your prayers are answered as well.

My new work place is great, I am just loving the role and everything associated with it. Felt a bit overwhelmed in the first month but now I am getting a hang of things.

We are planning to move to a bigger apartment and the house search has begun. P usually does the preliminary search. This time we are not sure where we would like to move. London has very compact houses and they are all overpriced. And one of bedrooms always is as small as a store-room in India. I hate that. I wonder why they cant make bigger bedrooms. If we can manage it in city like Chennai, they sure should be able to do the same here.

I watched Kahaani few weeks back and absolutely loved it. A very well scripted movie and entertaining throughout.

Its been almost 2 years since I met my sister and Jhilmil and the pain is killing me. Busy schedules has made it almost impossible for us to meet. But I am hoping this tough period will come to an end this year. Web cameras can be very poor substitute you know.

Well thats all news from me. Hope to be more regular henceforth.

p.s- btw this blog recently completed 6 years :)


Revs said…
Hello! How be you? Haven't been here in along time!
Revs said…
I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking of you when I was in the flight. Was randomly thinking of all the 'namba ooru makkal' I know who live in the UK and obviously you featured too :)
A said…
Hi Revs! So sweet of you to think of me, I am touched. We 'should should' meet up next time. You live in Republic of Ireland right? In fact I was there for St. Patricks day last month. Anyway it would be a shame for 'namma makaal' to be so close and not meet :D
Revs said…
I'm coming back for a bit next week again. For a bit illa, a good 10 days trip. Would love to meet up if you'll be free too! I'll mostly be in and around London.
Revs said…
And you were here for Paddy's day!! And you didn't let me know!! Hmph! Which part of the country were you in?
Nautankey said…
hello..naan innum edhirpaarkurein..this is not the ACTUAL news update :)..do keep us posted
Bissy B said…
Your blog is deep!, please check mine out at:
A said…
@Revs- I shall leave you my phone number on fb, dfntly give me a call when in London, ok?

@ Nautankey- he he, panren panren ;)

@ Bissy B- Thanks!
mmohome.com said…
For a bit illa, a good 10 days trip. Would love to meet up if you'll be free too!

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