Tidda hua bored

Waiting for things is a very frustrating experience. I have been extremelly bored and been cleaning the house for lack of things to do. Something to keep me occupied. You know it used to take a lot to get me to tidy up the house. My sister, in fact, used to call me a 'Tidda'. For the benefit of those who dont know the story of the 'Tidda', it goes like this- Once there was a Tidda [grasshopper] who was very very lazy. During summer when other insects stored food for the approaching winter, the Tidda whiled away his time playing andd hopping around. Finally when winter came, the Tidda had nothing to eat and almost starved to death. Later his friends helped him with their own stored food. And the Tidda learnt his lesson.

Anyway this name stuck on to me for a long time. If I think about it, I was indeed a Tidda back then. But now I think I have changed quite a bit. In fact sometimes I border on the lines of being a 'Monica'. Necessity is definitely the mother of all change.

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