FYI: My Dear Non- Tamilians

I need to make some things clear. They are, inter alia, the following:

i) All Tamilians do not wear veeboothi* on their forehead all the time;
ii) All Tamilian women do not wear silk sarees/ flowers on their plaits/ buns;
iii) Tamilians do not move around with oiled hair all the time;
iv) Yes we love Rajnikanth, but that does not mean we only appreciate Jhakass movies. Many of our movies are so good that they can kick the bollywood movies' pompous a****;
v) No, not all Tamilians are good in Maths and Accounts;
vi) Dont even start me with the dark skintone, which I must say is something the Westerners are dying to acquire with their tanning beds and lotions;
vii) Contrary to our neighbours up North, Tamilians have better idea about the Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western states;
viii) Yes maybe Tamilian names are longish, but isnt that common in many other races? In any case, whats your problem with long names, are you even going to use of person's full name all the time?
ix) No, not all Tamilians are trained in Bharathanatiyam/ Carnatic Music;
x) Tamilians eat curd rice for a reason. It is the most soothing food to eat when it is warm and humid. How that becomes something worthy of a joke is something I fail to understand.

Btw, The Dirty Picture was so bad that I wanted to cry. Someone told me the movie was very depressing, but now I understand why. Such a badly made movie! Silk Smitha must really be turning in her grave.

*Veeboothi- a white ash mark worn by men and women on their forehead


Zepheratic said…
Hell yes!
anwesha said…
Damn Straight! You also forgot to tell non-Tamilians that Tamilians and infact the whole of Southern India is much more humble (in my opinion atleast)!
And Tamil music ! Don't even get me started on how wonderful it is
A said…
@Zepheratic- :) long time!

@Anwesha- Wow thanks. This is just like how cricket overshadows other talented sportsmen in our country.

And I guess you are a fan of Kolaveri now :)
waqar qureshi said…
I liked it and really it is so interesting and wonderful information, too!
eleven said…
haha, straight n plain. I was smiling throughout your post :)
and Tamil is the oldest language in India after Sanskrit and both the languages have not borrowed any word from the other one in their evolution.
I'm proud to be a tamilian! wonderful list though..Liked 4,6,8 the most :P
anwesha said…
Kolaveri is nice but it is not true Tamil music. I actually hunt for all the classic songs. But I do like Kolaveri ,what to do hehe!
A said…
@Waqar- thanks!

@Eleven- Thank you, Wld love it if you could add few, dear fellow Tamilian :)

@Anwesha- ha ha ya it is wat is called a typical local song. Wat I like is Dhanush's unconventional voice. But to listen to some real good tamil songs you must check out 'Ilairaja's Tamil songs' on youtube. His music is still considered the best in the industry. I have copied few of my fav links below for you. Do let me know if you like it :)
firstly good morning to all of tamilians and u must know one thing as a grace of god we are all belonging fm tamil community,our culture,habits,dicipline,honour to guests,braveliness,love,education,
iq etc totally different fm other personnels so pse respect our region culture and follow our tamil habits as prescribed by murugan ,valluvar,avvaiyaar,nakkiran and other great persons
Nautankey said…
why why this kolaveri A :)... Agree with the points though..i have never heard a southindian use the word rascalaa...lets kill that jackas** SRK
Da Rodent said…
I am still gonna watch Dirty Picture (Vidya Balan, slurp, slurp).

Is that the excuse for being a 'thayir sadam'? ;)
dharmabum said…
i loved dirty picture
A said…
@Nautankey- true, i dont even understand from where this word 'rasacala' originated.

@Da Rodent- Vidya Balan is beautiful but to go 'slurp slurp' on her is a bit too much. And wats that got to do with being a thayir sadam?

@Dharmabum- Really? I would love to hear ur views actually.

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