Was speaking to my sister today when she asked me what we had planned for my bday next month. Nothing is planned as of now but I told myself that it would be nice to go watch a good play on that day. And so later I went to lastminute.com and started checking out the ticket prices. P was sitting next to me and I was telling him how I was dying to watch 'Love Story' and 'Driving Ms Daisy'. 'Love Story' was not available and so I told him, lets book 'Driving Ms Daisy'. He, very uncharacterstically, rejected the idea and said it would be a boring. I knew he loved the movie and so said we 'had' to watch it. But he din agree. After a while he got up and showed me a sheet of paper. It was two tickets for the play booked on the day of my birthday [ordered weeks earlier]. Now if that isnt sweet, what else is? :)
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