If you ask me the thing I badly wish for, my answer would always be- to have cats and dogs around me. The wish is so bad that sometimes I give a serious thought about leaving my legal profession and becoming a dog-walker or a cat-claw trimmer. Unfortunately, none of my family members have been in favour of having pets at home. Except my father. We both used to bring home stray cats and dogs all the time. This would create a big drama at home. My mom used to threaten us saying it would either be her or the animals at home. And we would have to give up. But sometimes my mom used to soften and allow us to keep a pet at home. When I look back on my childhood, those seem the best days I had. I dreamt of studying to become a vet and opening a shelter for animals. Unfortunately I had to take up commerce and my dreams of becoming a vet remained a dream.

P does not hate animals per se, but having a pet in a city like London is pretty difficult. More so when both of us are working. So I make the most of it when I see a cat or dog on the street like this. Miss you, Appa.

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