Mice, Sirens & Swings

If I were to give someone a quick update on my life, this is what I would say-

* Current jobs sucks and I took a day off today just to show my Boss how the place would fall apart without me. Aint I an Angel?

* I found a dead mouse in our living room. The methods used by the pest control people have worked, though not completely. The nincompoops were supposed to die outside our house. But probably found our carpet an ideal place to die. I found this fellow with his stiff legs in the air this morning, right after P left [my rotten luck]. So I called up P and informed him of the misfortune. He very cooly said- 'well then throw it out'. I was aghast obviously. How can I even go near a dead mouse, leave alone throw it out. So I said, I shall not and he will have to do it when he comes home in the evening. He then tells me-'imagine you are the last person on earth, then you would throw the mouse out yourself right?'. Hello, if I were the last person on earth, I would bloody well go and live in the Buckingham Palace instead. But in any case I mustered all the courage I had, took two newspapers, pushed the dead body into one and quickly threw that into the garbage bag. Man, that really took a lot out of me, so I rested for an hour to treat myself after that :-)

* My relatives and friends have been calling. mailing me all day to find out if I was safe. This worries me more than the sirens I hear outside. Though I havent witnessed anythign firsthand, I see shopkeepers closing down their shops and people rushing back home after work. Who is to say, what could happen. The worst thing is how these riots started. I am reminded of the hooligans in Chennai who used to break into shops if one of their leaders or a popular fim actor passed away. The funny thing is, I dont think most of the rioters are even aware of the Gangster whose death apparently started off these riots. Just an excuse for the unemployed to make some quick cash and ease their built-in frustration. In the end, the poor dont just keep getting poorer. They start snatching from wherever they can.

*We are moving to a new house this weekend. I am so so excited about it. It is so close to the docklands that we can view it from our window. Also, it is very close to a fantastic park. The park has a tennis court, basketball court, cycling track, a pool and lots and lots of swings :-)

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