Blinky, Pinky, Inkey..

I was in my 6th class when we were introduced to computers in school. I found it awfully boring even back then, somehow knew I would not be into computers for sure. The teachers appointed for teaching us computers were awfully young and they made the classes as interesting as possible for us. But nothing could push me towards it. Nothing, expect for Pac-Man.

Having a PC was like owning a swimming pool in those days and the only times we got to touch a comp was during the computer class. To increase our appetite towards computers, our teachers indulged us and let us play for half hour a day on the computers in the lab. In the beginning I had no clue about the games one could play and used to chat away during that half hour. But suddenly I noticed L not participating in my conversations much. For the records, I am very possesive about L. I cannot bear her giving anything more attention than me. Not that things have changed much now ;)

So I realised that Pac-Man was the reason for L to be distracted. Obviously I started playing as well and got really hooked on to it. Now the problem was that it was a class of 50 kids and 49 of them were keen on playing the game. The exception was that one kid who was a pushover and couldnt say no to anyone. There were 5 computers in the lab, so you do the math. We fought like crazy about who would play next. And Pac-Man is a game that one cannot play just once. The one game per person thing made us want to move on the next levels as much as possible. The rule was that as long as you had those 'lives' you could play on and nobody could take over your seat. But mostly I used to die off in the first three levels and would have to give up my seat. It used to be so so frustrating.

Some lucky kids had a PC and used to boast about playing at home as well. But those bloody kids wanted to play at school too. Now, if I had a PC, I would have given up my turn for a kid who did not [ok, maybe I would have played just once :p] But Nobody wanted to do that.

My father would have got me a PC if I had asked for it, I am sure. But it was bloody expensive and I did not have the heart to ask him one, just so I could play Pac-Man on it. I was a good kid that way.

Now after years, I have re--discovered Pac-Man. That mad rage has returned. I am playing in between meals, rewarding myself at work by playing one game between emails and so on. The game sure is great even today. But somehow that mad chase in 6th Class to find the next turn to play made the game all the more fun. That is the onyl thing missing right now.
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