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We watch atleast 3-4 movies a week. Among the movies we watched recently, the one I liked the most was Roman Polanski's Repulsion. It is a psychological thriller with very few characters in it. It has very few dialouges as well. It is about this young Belgian woman whose lives with her sister in London. She acts strange throughout the movie. She is indifferent towards a man who is madly in love with her, hates her sister's boyfriend who comes and stays with them on and off and is absent-minded at work. Her sister goes away for a week and she stays alone at their apartment. All along she feels that there is someone about to come and rape her. This fear eventually results in her killing her suitor and their landlord. Needless to say, I saw the movie with my hands covering my eyes half the time :D Ok, it is not a horror film, but it does have its scary moments. The movie is quite slow but I felt the pace was just right.

Friday we watched the tamil flick Deiva Thirumagal. People have been raving about it on fb and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Lately the tamil movies I have seen turned out to be really bad [the latest ones] including 'Avan Ivan'. So I was quite apprehensive about this movie. But since people were already declaring National Awards for the movie, I decided to watch it. I found it an average movie. Seriosuly, found nothing great about it. Ya the kid is cute and does not overact like most child-actors these days. Vikram has put in a lot of effort and is quite effective. But the screenplay is poor. Also the direction. Unnecessary actors and dialouges make the movie lag in many parts. Santhanam is being included in movies just to make them run better, I suppose. Afetr Koundamani and vadivelu, I think the Santhanam era is ready to begin :)

On Saturday we saw Transformers 3. This is hardly the kind of movie I watch but P badly wanted to watch it and so I went along. And fell asleep in 10 mins :-p Ya can you believe that? As soon as I saw the laptop turning into a robot, my brain cells shut down and I dozed off. You should have seen P's face, one would have thought he directed the movie himself. So offended he was :D

Last night we saw Zindagi Na Milagi Dubara. With my three heartthrobs in it, I would have watched it anyway. Hrithik is so good that I wonder if he is human at all. His expressions were amazing in few scenes. In fact even the Kat acted decently for once. The movie was fun to watch and I loved few of the poems Farhan Akhthar recites in between. Man, what a voice.
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