Ok dont tell her

So I am back in my beloved city. You know how when you are away from your loved ones you keep dreaming about them and blow their niceness out of proportion? Well, I might have done that. Ya the city is the same and I love her inspite of her many unfavourable qualities. But there is something missing. And I am unable to identify it. Maybe becoz few loved ones are not here anymore, or maybe becoz the sudden change from London's unpredictable cold weather or maybe becoz I am simply missing our cozy little home in Ldn.

The first few things I did was check if my yellow cat was still around and then feel my much loved books. I wish I could carry back all of them. I re-read Ambai's Purple Sea [if you ever come across tis book, I highly recommend you read it], a bit of the God of Small Things and Adrian Mole. It is so tempting to take back all the books I love, but logic advices me to save some space for my violin, jackets and law books as well.

And you know the saying, everything happens for the best? I wonder how true that is. So many things clashing and slipping out of my hand. I feel like Phoebe when she says-'And given my lifelong search for irony, u can imagine how thrilled I am'. So long people.


MightyMagic said…
Well, like a fine square cut from awe cricketer, i felt like this post came from your heart when i was reading it. Good job.
Jammer said…
I hope everything happens for the best.
A said…
@MM-Thanks MM. It sure comes from my heart :)

@Jammer- Thats the hope. In the end when we rewind, it does seem like everything happens for a reason, however insignificant it appears :)
dharmabum said…
madrasaa? we must meet at least now :) call/mail me sometime
A said…
@Bum- I am back in London now :( Had a very hectic schedule so could not even call ya. Hopefully, next time shall visit u and ur lovely wife!

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