Flying back into the nest

We flew back to London last night. All I did on the 9 hour flight was eat and sleep. And yes, also managed to watch Guzaarish in between. Not a bad movie, if you think about it. It took us exactly 26 hours to travel from Ashok Nagar to Norfolk Road. 26 hours to land into a completely different world. From a land where I stop to talk to every second person on the road to a land where I din have soul to call and inform that we have landed. S and P were the only souls waiting for us, I guess. But they are away in Ireland. This morning I had such an urge to talk to someone and tell them that we are back. I heard the neighbour's kids in our lawn, so I opened the door and informed them that we were back. I think Charlie, the cat was more interested in the information than our neighbours.

Small incidents reaffirm my faith in humanity. Between me and P, we had three large trolleys, one small one and a backpack to carry, all the way from Heathrow to Seven Kings. That means two tubes and a National express. And several flights of stairs and escalators. At 10 in the night, we were helped at every staircase by complete strangers. Most of them did not even offer to help, they just carried our luggage for us without asking. It was so touching. The world does seem like a good place at times.

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