Cant say I forgot

Facebook is reminding me about our upcoming 2 year anniversary and asking me to send P a message for the same. Uff..give me a break.


MightyMagic said…
So finally we look forward to join your celebration uninvited :). Have a blast!!
Nautankey said…
LOL whilst u forget :D which is not possible as this is one great oppurtunity to get giftsss
A said…
@MM- Thank you so much :)

@Nautankey- First of all welcome back to the blogging world ;)

Excuse me, it is me who plans for the gifts most times!
Kavi said…
Looks like Facebook is upto some mischief !

A said…
Kavi- I am sure! The thing is I hate these alerts. It is so much more gratifying when someone rmbrs ur bday/ anniv on their own n wish you. It hardly gives me any joy when my class mate from 4th std whom I have not spoken to in the last 10 years wishes me on fb.

Thanks for dropping in :)

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