Chamathu, anyone?

I never stick to my words. So here it goes:

The Tamilian people can be classified into different categories. This classification is based on their character, virtues, educational qualification, skin colour, length of hair, size of nose...ok you now get the drift. I am only going to talk about one category at a time. Today is the one which people are scared of falling into, it is called the 'Chamathu' category. As you age, you might like being classified as 'Chamathu', but as a kid, it is a dreaded category.

Ok now let me explain what 'Chamathu' is. Lets start with the guy, because I am a woman and would love to give the first chance to men :p A Chamathu guy is one who oils his hair regularly, recites his slokas at appropriate points of time during the day, makes earnest conversations with 80 year old thathas who spit more than they talk, goes to the temple regularly [Note: going to the temple everyday would make him a 'pazham*'], does not talk to girls unnecessarily [which means only for reasons such as borrowing books, notes, seeking career advise and of course if the girl is older than him], does not smoke or drink [raama, wat were you thinking?], wears his hair in an orderly fashion [no spikes or gelling for this boy] and always comes home on time. These are just few qualities, I shall add more if/when I remember.

In any case, the 'chamathu' boy cant tread the forbidden lines at any time, howvere tempting it is. He completes his B.E or MSC or B Arch [lil more ambitious than required] and lands in the perfectly perfect job which will not let him waver away from his normal routine. His friends might joke about him not drinking, but that will not deter our man. Sometimes, he might fall for a random girl and after finding out she doesnt care two hoots for him, get drunk. But the Chamathu boy allows this to happen only once. How can he repeat a mistake?

As far as I know, boys hate falling into this category. They find it un-macho. They dont care about principles as much as they care about their friends teasing them. Being a Chamathu boy can mean you are pushed to the first seat in the classroom, training rooms and other such places. It can mean people assuming you would not do anything unpredictable. In short, people think yours is a monotonous life. Now, unless you are some character out of a Jeffery Archer book, you would not want people to think that your life is monotonous. There is always something hot happening with you, though you know in your heart that the last hot thing that occured to you was the morning filter coffee.

Now coming to the 'Chamathu' girl. In contrast to a guy, some girls like to be called Chamathu. First you need to understand how you can qualify as a Chamathu girl. You should know to play all the indoor games games, wear long skirts or salwar kameez, oil annd plait your long hair, study like crazy, complete all your homework on time, be patient and understanding even if your little cousin has set your plait on fire, know to cook a 3 course meal, visit the temple daily [this does not include the girls who visit temples to meet their boyfriends] and sing only Saami paatu when asked to, during Kolu and family functions. This list is non-exhaustive like the above, of course.

The reason why [I think] girls prefer to be called 'Chamathu' is coz this eases a lot of tension for people around them. Predictability is a virtue and it'l help the girl in her future life. This quality makes girls appealing to many and hence appeals to the girls as well.

And this is just one category. There are lots more left. You need to know all this in case you are interacting with the male/ female species of the tamilian clan. And trust me you will have to someday, considering there are 74 million Tamilians in the world.

*p.s- I wrote this after a visit to the 'London Murugan Temple' last eve where the poojari asked me my gothram nakshatram etc. and I blinked blankly before P rescued me. Not a Chamathu Tamil girl after all :p

* Pazham- a fruit, in the literal and true sense. A person who does not do anything worthy of his age


Da Rodent said…
I want a 'chamathu girl'.. I want a 'chamathu girl'.. I want a 'chamathu girl'.. :P
ha ha ha .. Are you a representator of "CHAMATHU"

Really i enjoyed your reading
A said…
@ Da Rodent: lol.. seriously with the oiled plaits n the chamathu look? :D

@Latha: Ha ha, not even a member of the club :)
Thanks for dropping in!
Da Rodent said…
LOL.. No thanks.. I choose sanyasam :P

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