Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth

I see ppl thanking the Lord for their I-Phones, Mac Books, DSLR etc..Isnt the Lord supposed to have taught them to un-love materialistic stuff?


S U J A Y S said…
god never ask us to love materials or things.He just show us the way to live life. good or bad. I think he never always expects good thing from us as we are living for one or the other purpose. - Sujay
A said…
God doesnt expect things from us, fair enough. Then pray why do people indulge in all sorts of rituals and donations in the name of God. If he did show us the right way to live, then why is the donation box at Tirupathi overflowing while there are kids dying on starvation in the country?

thanks for dropping in btw :)
Da Rodent said…
@A: Well, each one has his/her own idea/definition/* of 'God'. IMHO, its better that they throw their money into donation boxes than to go around killing each other.
A said…
@da rodent: ya i agree that it is better than to go around killing each other. But I still feel, if only people understood the genuine teachings behind their own religions, the world would not be such an evil place.

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