Not our cup of joy

To tell you the truth, it is highly irritating to hear women discuss cricket. Before you go on and judge me, hear me out. FIrst of all, there are very few women who actually know and understand the game. Most others would watch it only if India is playing [like me]. I have been watching cricket for more than 15 years now, but still dont know what they mean by LBW, sqaure leg or midwicket. It is not rocket science for sure, but just that I enjoy watching the larger details of the game than the finer nuances. Sometimes P starts explaining these finer things to me. But then my ears automatically close up and it all goes over my head.

I have heard lots of my women friends and other women I know [whom I would not like to refer as a friend] declare their love for the game not knowing what a 'wide' is. I dont have a problem with woman proclaiming their love for any sports. But why pretend when you obviously are not? I mean, do they think it makes people think of them differently? Maybe they pretend so that men think-'wow this lady loves the game too, she would make a great companion and watch all the games without complaining'. Trust me, that never happens. In the end all you will be doing is complaining about cooking while your man is sitting n watching the game.

Anyway, what I am getting at is, why the hell do women want to mask their true self in some ugly garb and then complain that nobody understands them. I could go deeper into this, but that would require a longer post and I need to get back to my work now. So ciao people!
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