Amateur Mice?

Apparently, the mice which live at our place are 'professional' mice. These rodents have wrecked my life. Rmbr there was one at our house in Chennai and P 'killed' it. For some reason I assumed that we would not face such problems in a city like London . Man, was I wrong. It seems all the houses here are troubled by these rodents. I saw one run into a hole in our living room and freaked out as usual. Later I had that hole and few other probable places fixed by a handyman. Last week P and I were watching a movie and we saw this tiny guy scurrying his way into the kitchen. Then we saw another one. And then another. Now, I am not sure if there are 3 mice or it was jus one supermouse making his presence in every room. So P and I rushed to the nearby shop and got a rat glue trap and some grain coated pellets. These devices had a warning printed that these would only help in getting rid of amateur rodents.

2 days later the glue trap lies unattended and the pellets have all been eaten. And the little fellow is still running around. Not an amateur, I am guessing.

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