Saat Khoon Maaf

I am thinking of the pain Ruskin Bond would have suffered seeing his story being destroyed like this.


MightyMagic said…
Hahahah. I think R.Bond will born again and see him self dying this time after watching that movie. Anyways i finally watched 127 hrs and slept for 1 hr during that period. Now don't tell me that you will kill me. May be i was tired.
Mishree said…
@ Mighty Magic...Ruskin Bond is still alive...ouchwood.

And Arpita, I still need to watch the movie...however it may be...wonder what I'll have to say!
MightyMagic said…
@Mishree: Thanks for letting me know that. I will ask for an absolute apology and at least hope for ek khoon maaf.
A said…
Ah MM, how can u already kill off RB? :(( One of my life's ambition is to meet and receive an autographed copy of his book!

Hi Mishree, Nice to see you here :)) Did u watch the movie afterall?

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