If I see the words 'we want a vibrant and diverse workforce' anywhere once again, I swear I'l travel up to the employer's office and bang his/ her head against the wall and ask him what exactly they mean by that. Why pretend to be all-accomodating, when you're obviously not? In the era of transparency, you only end up looking foolish making statements like this.

Ok I guess this rant wont make any sense to most of you there. Anyway lets move on to more juicy topics, such as bitch about the latest irritant in my life. Desis with fake British accent. This someone I know is from an interior part of India. Born and brought up there and been in London for approximately one year and ten months. But you should hear her talk. It is the fakest accent I have ever heard. Pathetic. And this someone can speak in normal English as well. That is, when none of the true Eglishmen are around, she speaks in normal english. I know the desis with fake accents have been done to death by humorists, but when you encounter someone in real life, its so shocking. And embarassing too.

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