127 Hours is truly one of the most inspiring movies I have seen.It is based on the real life story of Aron Ralston, a moutaineer whose hand gets caught between a boulder and a rock wall. He spends 5 days trying to free his hand off and finally when he resorts to the idea of death, he finds his inner resolve wake up and frees himself by amputating his hand off with a knife. And it doesnt end there. He needs to walk seventeen miles to reach his car and seek help. Finally he is airlifted to the hospital and gets treated.

James Franco has done an awesome job as Aron and the way he portrays his helplessness and strength is commendable. Certain scenes like the hand amputating scene etc.. make you a bit pukish, but the Director has all in all done it tastefully. The only thing I din like about the movie was the background score, which I felt, did not sync with the movie at all. The music played when James finally comes out of the cave made no sense.

Anyway how awesome is this guy, Aron? Cutting off your hand to defeat death might be the solution anyone in such a situation would resort to, but implementing it is a totally different thing. Wow, hats off to this guy.

This story somehow reminds me of this really heart-wrenching story I heard few years ago from a friend. Now, if you are really weak at heart, please stop reading. It was the last day of examinations at this school my friend was studying in. From the next day the school closed for 2 months of vacation. There was this little boy who was reported missing from school. I guess he was in the third standard and his parents looked for him in each and every part of the city. They assumed he must have been kidnapped coz the school authorities claimed that he had left the school after the exams got over. In the end, when the school reopened after 2 months, the boy was found dead in one of the classrooms on the top floor of the school. Apparently he had fallen asleep after the exam and the school watchman had not seen him and locked up the classroom door. 2 months. And no one had the sense to check the classrooms. It seems the school authorities were very sure he left the school so probably the parents din think of the possibility that their kid was very much alive in his own classroom. The kid had in desperation started eating his own clothes and shavings from the wooden benches. I feel the parents would have suffered lesser guilt had he been kidnapped and murdered later. RIP little guy.

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