I remember my father being nice to everyone, irrespective of their status in the society. In fact, I don remember him distinguishing anyone based on where they worked or how much they made. A driver was treated with as much respect as a General Manager. I grew up not knowing otherwise. The only caution I administered was against overoptimism. Sometimes its simply not worth having principles. But I strive to behave like my father in most situations. I was told that in a foreign land, people may always not put forth their best behaviour and you cant afford to be overly sensitive. I prepared myself for it. But all preparation is not enough for real life. Coz it comes from quarters you least expect from. You are thrown off guard and struggle in your mind and heart on how to react. Should you become a mirror and ape the other person's actions or be yourself inspite of all that is thrown in your face? It is a challenge but at the end of it, I guess, you grow up.

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