Did I tell you that we went on a vacation to Turkey. It was a fantastic trip and lasted a week. A week is short time to discover a country's beauty. Most people we met on the trip were backpacking for a month atleast. Wish we too had the time.

Ephesus was beautiful and we are still not able to be get over how skilled and talented people back in those times. We are talkin 150 AD mind it, there were no machines, no technology invented and everything made with bare hands. But one look at the architectural designs and you will not believe it. 50 feet high tombs and temples. Theaters with seating capacity of 24,000 people. Wonderful drainage systems. Well thought of roads built for business. Seriously, after seeing all this, I really wonder how much man has grown from what he was earlier. All we have invented seems so futile in comparison to what was made by these people with zero facilities.

Nature, nothing to beat it and Pammukale had us awestruck of course. The pure whiteness of the stones and the warm water found on top of a freezing mountain was a treat to the mind and body.

We visited almost 15 places in 7 days and obviously were pretty weary at the end of it. But totally worth it. We came back on monday early morning at 4 and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

On other news, I joined work here. It seems such a blessing after staying at home for 2 months. I promise not to crib about work anymore..ok atleast for the next one month :-)

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