Wats with people posting all sentimental new year messages on facebook. i find it really dumb. I mean I wouldnt be able to write up a message which I would like my colleagues, family, friends, people i hate, people i wish to ignore, people i wish i hadnt added on my list to read. I saw this message which said- 'i had a bad year at work with bad colleagues but hope the new year will bring me something to look forward to.' Imagine how this person's colleagues [who are obviosuly on the friend list] would feel readin this.


MightyMagic said…
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MightyMagic said…
Wish you a jakaas new year a head.
:) May be those people are worth the pain ;) Ha ha

Happy new year!
A said…
MightyMagic- thanks dude. I wish you a great New year as well :)

btw where did u disappear? A nice long vacation? ;)

Ponnarasi- Quite possible :D Nice to see you drop in! I wish you a wonderful year ahead :)
MightyMagic said…
Not at all long vacation just a introspection and future speculations. Wrote many posts but not at all wanted to post them on my blog at this moment, i donno why? Hope u r enjoying the new place...gud luck
A said…
MightyMagic- Come on psot ur drafts! And ya I am really starting to like it now. But not more than Chennai of course ;)

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