Was readin an article about the poor management of the tubes in London. It seems recently, one of the trains got stuck on the tracks due to ice formation and so the passengers were stranded in the freezing train for a couple of hours. The article goes on to describe the agony of the passengers and reads:

'One guy in his twenties had a massive argument on the phone with his girlfriend who thought he was lying about being stuck on the trains and other passengers offered to speak to her'



Revs said…
I hope the guy dint sue the tube service people for causing emotional trauma to him and his girlfriend :D
A said…
I wouldnt be surprised if he did!
Da Rodent said…
LOL. What and all a guy has to do. bah.. :P
Cou said…
Haha, that is too funny :) Would be quite the lie if he actually made it up!

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