A favor

If you have been readin this blog for sometime you would know how scared I am of ghosts. Its a perennial fear I have had and inspite of numerous steps I've taken to get rid of it, it hasnt worked. The best solution was keep off horror movies, programs or talks. But once in a while such a thing pops up and the fear seeps into my system again. My mom, sister and P have worked hard for me to get rid of this fear. P, in fact is constantly coming up with some method which would help me out. But it somehow doesnt go away.

Its not like I like this fear. I just hate it. One of the things I love is staying alone at home and doing watever I like the whole time. But that has never been possible. Somehow after 8 I cant stay alone. Once I decided to be really brave and stayed alone and went to sleep alone. of course with all the lights on. usually I have L come and stay with me in the night alone but she had some important exam and could not come over that particular night. So anyway I was fast asleep, or so I thought. suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up to find the room pitch dark. I literally screamed. But I was paralsyed with fear. I was sleeping in the living room that time. I somehow wanted to get out of the house. It was 3 in the morning mind it. But i was in my shorts and tshirt and could not get out in them. and i was too scared to go to the bedroom to change. thankfully there were some clothes drying in the balcony next to the living room, so i changed into them, took the keys and ran out of the door. I wanted to go to L's house which was the building right next to ours. But our main gate was locked. So i jumped the compound wall and went to L's place. And she is such a doll I tell you. Actually the power had gone in the whole area and she had been awake studyign for her examsn. as soon as the power went off she knew I would get scared and had almost come out to bring me to her house. I just ran into her arms and started crying. It might seem silly, but at that moment it was like a ghost was chasing me and I had found asylum. such a relief i tell u.

But now things are different. there is no L. P is leaving to Belguim for few days and I have to stay alone and am so bloody scared. Ok the reason I am writing all this to ask you all to help me out get rid of this fear. P is leaving next week so any ideas before that will be greatly appreciated. And pls pls no ghost jokes. they freak me out too.

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