Give me some snow, I say. How long are you planning to make me wait?


Revs said…
You are in the UK, yeah? We got snow last night. First for this year. You shouldn't be too long waiting :)

I live in Ireland btw.
A said…
oh great! i am in london, we finally got snow last night. Got me so excited :)))

Maybe we could set up a bloggers meet somewhere in between someday, wat say :)
Revs said…
I told you!! :) How did you like it? I love it when I can sit inside and watch the snow. But going out is emmm errrr pain in wrong places, especially when you have a hobby of falling down! :|

Sure, would love to meet up. Planning a London trip early in the summer.End of May maybe. Have a couple of blog friends there :)
A said…
ooh i am so worried thay I would slip on the snow. Ok tell me this- do you wear fancy high heels, and if u do, have u tried them on the snow yet?

hey that wil be great. And maybe i'l drop in at Ireland before that :)
Revs said…
I'm just seeing this. I wear runners with good grip. That's the only thing I wear in this weather. On the rare nights that I go clubbing or something(once in 6 months? :P )I do wear heels. And I walk like a turtle :| Do u have one of those wellington style boots?

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