My dear Chennai,

I have known this for quite sometime but din have the heart to tell you. Now I have to. I am leaving you soon. I will be moving to a new city, exploring it and maybe fall in love with it someday. You are all I've known and it breaks my heart that I have to move to a new place now. People scoff at me for loving you so dearly. Oh Chennai is so hot, there are only three seaons- hot, hotter n hottest, do you hav any nice places to see around in Chennai? People in Chennai only speak Tamil, nobody knows English/ Hindi, The people in Chennai are so conservative, I heard the men in Chennai move around shirtless on the streets wearing only a dhoti?. All these are remarks I've heard time and again and have vehemently argued on your behalf. One word against you and my blood boils. I know your roads so well. Yes you are pretty big and i have not visited most parts of you. But still when I visit a new part of you, I am never scared. I know I am safe. The autowalas are rogues until you start talking to them. You learn a hell lot about political issues by just talking to them for 15 mins. And yes it is terribly hot, but do we mind? We just pick up our umbrellas and walk on. If it rains, yes we do have our umbrellas so we rejoice. Even if we are walking in knee deep water we rejoice, because its water. Water is the elixir of our lives in its truest sense. The sea, we take her for granted. We are reminded of her beauty only when we take our guests to visit her and hear her praises.

I can go on n on. You are my first love. But sometimes people need to move on. To come back and love more.

Love u,

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