Jhilmil asked my sister if mothers carried the female baby and fathers carried the male baby in their womb. This got me thinking. Imagine a world where either the man or woman would carry the child depending on the sex of the baby. I could ask my colleague-'so who is carrying the child' and if she already has a son and the again father is carrying I could say- sheesh thats too bad'. Men would have morning sickness, bloat, go on paternity leave etc.. Men and women would start understanding each other better. There might not be any incidence of female infanticide. This is under the assumption that men would start understanding the pains and pleasure of bearing a child and would protest again killing of the female child.

Life could have been made lot more interesting this way. Maybe the maker does not have a good sense of humour.

It would be nice to know the possibilities arising out of this. Do reply with ur comments :-)

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