When we were 13, our science teacher sent the boys out of the class and had a teaching session for us girls alone. She told us all about menstruation, birds and bees. I was not embarrassed but irritated that this horror freak show was restricted for us girls. It freaked us out so much that L started crying. I remember asking her why she cried, later and she told me that she did not want a uterus!

I don blame the teacher, she explained all this in the best manner possible, but for us it was overwhelming to say the least. Of course, there were girls who knew about all this beforehand, but we never discussed all this with one another. I remembered my mom mentioning something about all this, but she din give me any great details [not wanting to scare me I guess].

The worst part was when the boys came back to join us for the next class and kept asking us what the private lessons were all about. Now in retrospect, I think, it would have helped a lot if the teacher had made the whole class listen to it.

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