There is this person in our workplace who loves to see what other people are upto. On ordinary days he doesnt bug me much. But when I am in an irritated mood, I feel like turning to him and asking 'Dude whats ur prob'. My sister once told me- always speak the truth and say it sweetly. I am wondering if there is a sweet of way of saying everything. I mean if, for example, I want to ask this irritating person at office why he wants to peer over my comp screen, how shld I do it. I am sure if I say it sweetly, he will think I am easy n come n bug me more. I wish wikepedia had answers to such questions :D


SamY said…
god bless him
Arpita said…
Samy- u know what my reply would be :D
Da Rodent said…
Put up a page somewhere on the internet with bold titles saying "How to deal with idiots peering onto your screen" and just fill 'lorum ipsum' junk into the page in very small fonts.

Open the page when the bugger is behind your back.

Everything else will fall in place. :P

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