I did it! I finally DID it. I joined a dance class, to learn a dance form called Bachata :-p Remember I cant even get my hips and hands to move in the same direction. Its quite an understatement to say that I have two left feet. But when a colleague told me about this 2 week dance course, I somehow wanted to go there and get over this inhibition of mine. Of course, I pulled along a protesting P. To be fair he protested only little for a person who has no interest in such things. So last evening we both landed at this place along with 5 other friends of mine. To our utter shock the place was filled with 16-17 year olds. The ones who have completed their Board exams and are looking to chill out. We cut quite a sorry figure in our formal clothes holding bags which contained our tracks. We almost decided to back out when they announced that the class was about to begin. I din want to wait coz I knew I would change my mind if I waited any longer so went and joined the rest of the group. As usual i went and stood in the last row. But it made no difference coz the room was walled with mirrors. The instructor was a chirpy young lady who looked like she used the same lines over and over the whole week. She began the class with a basic step which involved all of us moving to our left side. And when the music began the whole class moved to the left except me. Of course, I moved to the right side. My excuse is that the mirrors confused me. Apparently the others were tall enough to watch the instructor directly instead of looking at the mirror. Anyway goof ups of this kind kept happening until we were told that we could finally dance with our partners. Automatically I moved towards P. But this bitch of a girl raced past me and caught hold of P. And he merely shrugged his shoulders. Logically I should have moved to the next nearest guy. But I was busy shooting angry looks at P and suddenly heard the instructor call me. Everybody had found a pair and I was left alone. So she called me to the front to dance with her! Horrors of horrors. The room started spinning around me. Btw if any one of you feel that I am exaggerating, you should come and watch me dance. I am hopeless. Anyway this instructor pulled me and put on the music. I had no other go. I started moving in the same direction as her and then remembered she was supposed to do the male part and so I should be moving in the opposite direction. By the time I got this right, the music got over. Ufff! Anyway this went on and on, but soon I began to enjoy myself and stopped thinking that the whole class was watching me. By the end of the class I was quite looking forward to the next session :-)

If I get through this, I should have one fear less on my list ;-)

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