Last week I was reading 'Dork- The Incredible Adventures of Robin "Einstein" Varghese ' by the blogger Sidin Vadukut. I am a great fan of his blog and the book was pretty good in the beginning. Later it got very silly. I use the word silly here for the want of a better way to describe his writing. Actually I felt that Sidin wrote the first part and asked someone else to complete it. Cant believe I wasted time reading the book.

After looking for a DVD of Shawshank Redemption for a long time, I finally found a CD and watched it last friday night. The movie was very good, but I would still rate Green Mile above it.

Its so bloody hot in Chennai that you could get baked [or roasted if you are one those oily kinds :p] if you step out of your building. And its gonna get worse, we hear. I am sure we Chennaites would not suffer much in hell, considering how much we are programmed to endure on earth!

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