Amitabh Bachchan has his son n daughter in law to write about, Sherlyn Chopra has her boobs n butt, Chinmayi has her dubbing sessions and finally me, what do I have to write about? Nothing.. the heat is very bad already and i cant imagine how May is going to be. I've started working in the litigation wing for sometime now and work is really good but hectic. Movies, of course, I cant stay away from them. Finished watching Seven pounds. Such a beautiful movie, I recommend that everybody watches it. Today over our morning coffee and newspaper readin session, i noticed this ugly ad for a movie named war of titans or somehting like that. it had a pic of several green snakes held in a person's hand.. Just as I was about the exclaim about whos ever goin to watch this movie based on this ad, P exclaimed that he has got to watch that movie. So much for a marriage :p

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