Had the best afternoon today.. of course started with the yummy lunch at home consisting of mor kozhambu, aloo curry, keerai [not a big fan of this but it helps the skin]and rasagullas for dessert.Then was waiting for an auto to take me to the patent office. This woman auto driver came along and she was the most cheerful auto driver I have ever seen. When asked how much she was going to charge for the journey, she replied, whatever u think right. And she drove so well... I almost hugged her in pride. Then i went to the patent office where I met this lady who works in the cash Dept. She is an ex- football player [though doesnt look like one] and has formed a team of little boys who are school dropouts and also interested in football. She is meeting the Sports Academy officials to get them a chance to play at some competition and also secure admission in the Sports Academy. It was amazing that this lady, who barely makes both ends meet with her salary, was taking so much effort to improve the lives of the ppl arnd her. Really amazing.
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