Its raining, its raining its raining.. I am bored of these rains. Clothes dont dry, the floors are cold, the water from the tap hits you like ice. Sometimes I think we pray way too much for rains.

My targets for this year remain unachieved yet. I have 15 more days exactly. A trip in between. Dont know how I am going to manage. Procrastination is a devil , I tell you.

Ok dont even bother trying to make sense out of this banter. Will post when feeling better.


Da Rodent said…
I've been cussing the rains too. bad bad.

i got double drenched on day before yesterday, and it was not funny. Imagine stopping at a friend's place, iron drying the wet clothes etc., just to get wet again. shyte.
Arpita said…
ha ha why does this always happen with you Joe :D

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