I had the most interesting morning today. P woke me up at 5.40 to inform me that I had 5 mins of beauty sleep left. But me being me slept till 6 ;) Then P goes out to buy milk. Me, for the first time feeling all energised early in the morning walked into the kitchen to make some coffee for both of us. And what do I see there? A nice fat rat sleeping near the grinder ka stand. Now everybody who knows me knows how much I love animals, but I have to admit, the sight of that black fat rat with a 4 inch tail totally put me off. I started to scream and then remembered there was no P to comfort me. So I got on top of the table and sat there until P came. P came and coolly hit the rat on its head. Death was instantaneous. Blood spluttered and I was all in awe of P’s bravery. Then he explained it to me. The rat was half dead because of the rat cake we had hidden in various parts of the kitchen. And me, in all my wisdom, thought the rat was sleeping :p

After this P and I quickly gulped down our coffee and made it to the car driving school for my first driving lessons. It was super fun! More about my driving stories in my next post!

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