A little more than 11 years in one house. last night i bid goodbye to it. this is where i last saw my father, this is where i learnt one of the hardest lessons of my life, this is where my mom got sick and recovered, this was the first house jhilmil came to, this is where archie got married, this is where i made my best friends and this is where i realised i have met my soul mate.. i hate to leave the house.. f*** our houseowners, bloody buggers. one corner of my mind says this must also be coz i am a lawyer and they might have expected trouble from me after staying for so long in this place. but we were the most peaceful tenants they could have had. anyway what is the use? my consolation is we are moving to another flat in the same building. atleast don have to say bye to the yellow cat.

So what have you guys upto?


Nautankey said…
wonder why we get so connected to inanimate things..buildings, first car,first bike..I was so emotional wen i sold my previous bike though it was not a super duper model...hmm..humans and emotions intriguing equation
Sindhu :) said…
Totally identify! My dad keeps getting transferred and we have had to move evry now & then - and every time - just when we are getting used to the place and starting to connect memories to the place, we have to move - and its terrible!
Arpita said…
Nautankey- Nautankey, don you think we get attached to them coz we connect them to people around us.

Sindhu- Oh ya, it can be very unsettling to move from a place you are so used to and attach your emotions to.

Argggggh i am getting mad at my house-owners again!

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