I regret choosing Airtel for my broadband connection and now I regret disconnecting it too. Now please don mistake this thinking I regret losing their services. A month back I submitted a letter to the Airtel people saying I want to surrender my line. Since that day I have been constantly getting calls from different call centre employees of Airtel [min of 3-4 calls per day] asking me-'Ms. Aargphita va? Why do u want to disconnect your line? We'l transfer your line to someone else in your building'.To say I am tired of answering them is an understatement. Why cant these people have a proper centralized database? Why do we customers have to pay the price for such organizational mismanagement?

Also, I've heard a lot of stories from my friends and clients about how their airtel bills have fake calls added in between the entries. There is a suit [filed by one of their harassed customers] pending before the District Court in this regard too.

So their service is poor and customer care service is bad. What the hell do they think they are doing in the market? The other networks do not boast of great service either. I have a good mind to file a petition at the HC about this issue.

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