Writing helps, talking helps too but at times talking seems a strain on the senses. Writing never feels so. I write a lot, but never post them on this blog coz there are too many familiar faces here. People who have become friends and people who can actually see through me. Sometimes I wish a stranger read it and understood me. Not care about me, but just understand what I mean. Maybe its time to delete this blog.


Nautankey said…
Hmmm...i dont know why lot of married people feel like this[deleting their blogs]..giving me shivers.
SamY said…
Anonymity is what makes blogging so much fun! But then we are such social butterflies that we don't realize we'd loose it :).

Go start a new blog. I've also been thinking of doing a new blog and more but with total anonymity.
Arpita said…
Nautankey- Its nothing to do with marriage actually. jus that i want to write things for myself rather than think how it'l be received by others..dont u think that fair enough?

Samy- Thanks for the support Samy :-

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