I hate women who say 'hubby'. They go on and on about how my hubby did this what my hubby said. its sickening. Call him by name or say husband atleast. How long is the word after all?


Nautankey said…
well they find it shorter n sweeter..indha old agela why fuming at young ones
Arpita said…
hello hello nautankey, who is calling whom old? just wait till Nov my dear, aparam nee setha :p
SamY said…
well well, do you call your hubby by his full first name?

People make names short for two reasons, coz
1) They want something that sound cool
2) Convenience a.k.a. laziness

If you need to see the guilty, you just need to look into the mirror ;)
Sindhu :) said…
Me don't like the word 'hubby' either!
Arpita said…
Samy- Hello its different to shorten a long name. But to short something like husband is irritating. nee adangu :p

Sindhu- Super, I love you for that!

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