After a long time P and I decided to go watch a night show. After reading a lot of reviews and checking the availability of tickets, we decided on ‘Luck’ and man, did we regret it. I should have listened to Sudhish Kamath! Its bullshit all the way. Has Shruthi Hassan lost her mind? I mean with her background, what kind of movies she could have grabbed. That too for her debut. I really don’t understand why she chose this movie. Imran Khan is so cute, he makes you want to cry, but that’s all that is to him. He is hardly macho and the role seems totally contradictory to what he is. Mithun da is wasted as never before. After few scenes, we don’t understand where he disappears. And that shortcut is as cliché as it can get. The poor girl might never find another role to suit her stature, but it doesn’t mean you grab anything you get. Sad. While we were discussing about the comedy track of the movie, we realized that was supposedly being handled by Sanjay Dutt. I really like the guy and wanted to give him as much benefit as possible, but he has failed all his fans. Its ridiculous to see him land in a coffee house from a helicopter and be surrounded by his henchmen immediately. His henchmen made Janakaraj from Basha look like Daniel Craig.

Conclusion: We have decided to stay away from Hindi movies for a while.

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